1. Napantao Marine Protected Area

Napantao MPA have two incredible vertical walls (Toshi and Rio's Wall) one descend to 60 meters depth. The walls is decorated with soft corals, gorgonians sea fan and bushy black corals. At the top of the wall you can see a wide variety of fish species such as anthias, drummers and of course the resident whitetip sharks. On the northern side is a fringing reefs that consist of more than 50 species of hard corals that was perfect places for both new and experienced divers. This site is often visited by pelagic animals such as sharks, rays and manta. Other interesting species that probably seen during the dive are frogfishes, pygmy seahorse, flatworms, nudibranchs and sea slugs. Sometimes offers a great drift diving experience.

2. Sta. Paz Ghost Town

These muck dive site has an spectacular diving. Fabulous vertical wall down to 35 meters depth, wide variety of fishes and surprising macro critters all make the Ghost Town a great spot for divers, whether your expert or just beginner. Southern part is sandy area a perfect place to spot Mimic octopus, blue spotted ribbon-tail ray, flounder, dragonets and arminid nudibranchs. We cannot assure you that you will see all of the mentioned species but surely you will see few of it.

3. Limasawa Island

This dive site is not only famous for being a pelgrimage site for Roman Catholic Religion and Bat Sanctuary. But also well known by its underwater scenery. The two famous dive sites, Adrian's Cove and Zack's Cove is both inside the joint San Agustin- Lugsongan Marine Protected Area. The steep vertical walls starts from 20 meters depth down to 50 meters. Because its beyond the maximum depth for those who has an entry level certification we recommend other dive site within the MPA.

4. San Antonio Fish Sanctuary

These Fish Sanctuary was established for more than 20 years. Three years ago the sandy area was restored using branching acropora corals. The coral restoration was funded by the Provincial Government of Southern Leyte. Approximately 1,000 pieces of branching acropora corals tied in bamboo stick. Besides of having a nice fringing reef it offer also a Wall dive down to 30 meters depth. Resident turtle.

5. San Isidro Fish Sanctuary

It is made of a nice fringing coral reefs that provides great exploration opportunities for new divers and to all experience level. It is also a great place for fish spotters and coral reef lovers.

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