Whale Shark Tour in Southern Leyte with Treasure Bay Dive Resort

Whale shark is the largest fish in the sea, reaching a length of more than 40 feet and weigh in up to 60 tons. They characteristically known by their flattened head, blunt snout above its mouth with a short barbels protruding from its nostrils. The body have numerous white spots over grey to brown background.

They are known to migrate in a long distance to search for their favorite meal and to breed.

To see close and swimming with them in their natural habitat is an experience that is worth chasing.

The town of Pintuyan is one of well-known destination for swimming with whale shark in the Philippines. Same as anywhere, the sighting is not 100% guaranteed, even the whole 3 hours of searching, but don’t worry because the spotter is professional of their assigned work. They say it’s rare that one left the area without having seen even one whale shark.

If you want to experience watching a free-swimming gentle giant the best month to sign-in is in the month of October to May. In Pintuyan the water visibility is better than any whale shark destination around Philippines.

The municipal tourisms office of Pintuyan discourages their visitors to feed the whale shark. All visitors who wish to swim with the whale shark are given a short briefing about how to responsibly interact and some safety precaution. After the briefing the hunt start, local spotters board their paddle boat to look for the whale shark shadow underwater and dorsal fins that emerged at the surface.

Treasure Bay Dive Resort is about 2 hours away from the town of Pintuyan. Normally, we depart at 7:30 AM so we can go back to the diving site early. For Php 3,600 only, we offer light lunch and snacks on the boat, free snorkeling equipment. It also includes the interaction fee, conservation fee and the whale shark spotters. We only go if we can have a minimum number of 5 passengers.


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